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This info and video will give you an idea of what to expect and the seamless work behind the scenes. It should answer some questions you may have but if it doesn't feel free to ask us direct anytime. 
Import Wizards listen to your exact needs and budget. An Estimate invoice is provided showing a breakdown of all costs to have your car landed and ready to collect from our yard or delivered to your home.  

STEP 1 - 


STEP 2 - 

The Estimate Invoice includes our account details for deposit payment. Once received you are treated with priority as a bidding customer.

STEP 3 - 

Use our online portal to view cars across Japan nationwideAuctions, dealerships - Japans car world is yours. We also search for you everyday while keeping you on the right tracks, ensuring you find what you want and how you want it.

STEP 4 - 

Your Auction bid is successful. We check the car over to make sure everything is as described and provide more photos. Your payment for car and shipping is made. The car is shipped from Japan around 1-2 weeks later. 

STEP 5 - 

Your car is on the water on average for 9 weeks. Upon arrival payment for Vat & Duty is made. The car is released by customs. We handle all customs clearance and collection
from the seaport for you.

STEP 6 - 

Your car is ready to collect at Import Wizards or Home delivery can be arranged to anywhere in Ireland and UK. The car is given a nice clean and valet after the long journey before handover. Extra services such as Test and registration can be arranged.
*Since the creation of this video payments for Car and Shipping have been bundled into one making life that little bit easier for everyone.*
Feel free to drop a message. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We appreciate your business and interest and thank you for visiting our website. We usually reply to emails and enquiries within 48 hours. Please undertsand a lot of our time is taken up with current and bidding customers.

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