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Just a group of guys doing what we love and having fun with it. The whole idea started with a trip to Japan and a simple facebook page to show case some of the scenes and drift life there between friends. It was soon realised and only natural that other drift lovers and JDM enthusiasts liked to see what the heck was going on over there too! More than anything we were always asked the same thing.... Could we provide cars and parts. Friends and strangers started to ask this question so frequently we decided to take matters into our own hands....
KIDS HEART - NAGOYA. With Tezuka's legendary JZX81.
It didn't happen over night thats for sure. A trip to Japan turned into moving to Nagoya full time. We wanted to make sure we had some of the best auto auction, car dealer, and shipping connections Japan had to offer. As time went by, with a meticulous attitude and a drive to provide the best, thats just about what happened.
Along the way we still knew how to have fun!

YZ CIRCUIT - GIFU. Missile ride with Atsushi Taniguchi.
Little by little with hard work, dedication and a truly loyal fan base we grew into what is now today. We have a lot to thank for the people around us and past customers. Your kind words and referals to car family, car friends and others on the car scene has allowed the doors to open across Ireland, Northern Ireland and UK, stretching further across Europe and furthermore opening as far as the US.
KOBE SEAPORT, KANSAI - A Shipment bound for UK
Import Wizards connects you to the world of  high performance vehicles in Japan. We specialise in tracking down hard to find makes and models and make them available to customers on a range of budgets.  We are proud to provide some of the best shipping connections and auto auction facilities  Japan has to offer. We have now carefully moved operations to N.Ireland and Kansai, Osaka where importing customers can benefit from the raging drift and performance car culture in surrounding areas.
Our own stock maintenance and final servicing
Through work and play we have made some amazing relationships with the people around us. The people in the world of cars know how to take care of each other, we like to do the same here at  Import Wizards. We believe in treating others how we want to be treated, with friendliness, patience and respect. Buying and owning this type of vehicle is all about the fun and happiness. For you we aim to keep it that way.
Good times 
Feel free to drop a message. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We appreciate your business and interest and thank you for visiting our website. We usually reply to emails and enquiries within 48 hours. Please undertsand a lot of our time is taken up with current and bidding customers.

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